Salento Colombia

Why Colombia?

The diverse regions of Colombia can seem like different worlds but, just like a puzzle, they come together to create a country in which passion and joy is everything. 

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Meet and great at the airport and transfer to hotel to check in. Stay at the luxury and historical hotel Casa Medina Four Seasons. Awarded monument status by the Ministry of Culture.


Enjoy a healthy Colombian breakfast and then we are heading to the Gold Museum where you will learn the country’s history of gold-mining, containing close to 34,000 gold pieces, a treasure many pirates would have dreamt about. You will also learn about the cosmogony of “The Shamans” forever seated, permanently ecstatic and entranced. Perhaps, a long time ago, they dreamt about a future, they saw themselves as eternal and immortal in a timeless museum where people from all over the planet would travel to listen to their message.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a private lunch and visit the Candelaria district with an expert guide who will tell you many important facts about the district. Late in the afternoon we will take a nice cable car ride to Cerro Monserrate to see the sunset from the highest point in Bogota. In the evening, you will have dinner with a salsa show.


In the morning you will visit the famous Guatavita lake, the site that inspired the legend of El Dorado. Spanish conquistadors trekked to the lake in hopes of finding gold after learning the Muisca people used to throw precious metals in the lake as part of a ritual. In the afternoon you will be exploring the salt cathedral, a temple built 180 meters underground. In the evening you will enjoy a gourmet dinner at one of the new trendy restaurants.


After Breakfast. You will take a morning flight to one of the main cities in the coffee region. Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport to take you to the hacienda where you will have some time for lunch and get ready for our coffee experience tour in the afternoon. 


Today we will take a day trip to the Valley of Cocora Natural Park and Salento. The cloud forest at Valle de Cocora is a prime example of the amazing diversity of fauna and flora characteristic of Colombia’s coffee region. While trekking across the valley, surrounded by the famous and unique wax palms, we will hear stories about this amazing place and its meaning for the native tribes that inhabited the area before the Europeans came to America. We will have lunch at the park rangers’ base before continuing our trip to Salento.

Salento is a traditional and picturesque paisa town, where the colours of the houses and the colonial architecture blend themselves with the surrounding natural beauty of the region and the smell of freshly roasted coffee. Salento is a perfect place for a gentle stroll or for enjoying a delicious cup of Colombian coffee.


On your last day, you will enjoy a traditional breakfast after you will be transferred to the airport to catch your flight back.


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