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Nuqui is located in the Gulf of Tribuga in the Pacific coast of Colombia. It’s a strategic place for whale watching due to its warm, calm waters, free of strong currents and with little boat traffic; these qualities make it a safe haven for mothers and their newborn calfs. 

Whales visit Nuquí between the months of June and October. They can be seen about 200 metres away from the boat, and we try to maintain a respectful distance so as not to invade their space and to provide better safety for our guests. Even though humpback whales are very tame and occasionally friendly, we follow the “responsible whale-watching practises” recommended internationally.

It’s a beautiful, unforgettable experience, and you can enjoy it in one of Colombia’s most pristine locations, a place where you can truly reconnect with yourself.

Nuqui Landscape
Whale watching Colombia


THE PACIFIC COAST - 100% Nature 100% Adventure

Have you been dreaming of a whale watching incentive trip? The region of Choco in Colombia is the best place for whale watching and resting in a comfortable, lodge-style hotel. You can see the whales while you enjoy an exquisite seafood or vegetarian breakfast. The location will allow your group to see the whales jumping in the water right in front of the hotel.

Whale season in Nuquí starts in early June and continues until October (meaning it lasts for more than four months). Our guide will instruct your group with the rules to keep in mind so your whale watching boat trip is comfortable and safe, and so you can enjoy the whales and take amazing photographs. Our guide will also tell you about the whales and their environment.

The hotel is surrounded by nature, which makes the activities not only possible but unique and exciting. We include two hikes: one to the Waterfall of Love and another to the nearby community of Termales and its natural hot springs. We will tailor the hikes and walks according to physical capacities and preferences. These activities are run by local guides who will take the group through natural jungle paths and rivers. They’re experts on the region and their traditions and will show you the richness of the culture, the fauna and the flora of Chocó’s tropical rainforest and the Pacific Ocean, ensuring that your group will return renovated and invigorated from the “Disconnect to Reconnect” incentive trip. 


We are committed to create meaningful experiences that enable human connection at the same time that supports sustainable travel and make a positive impact in local communities.


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